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Dr. Kevin A. Hahn

Executive Vice President, CSO

Kevin A. Hahn, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Oncology) is Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Executive Vice President of Tri-Source Pharma, Dr. Hahn has over 25 years of experience in the veterinary healthcare, nutrition, and pharmaceutical industry. As CSO, he leads the NextSource and Ivaoes Animal Health new product pre-clinical development and regulatory approval strategy and serves as a key advisor during the development and implementation of Sales/Marketing initiatives.

Prior to joining Tri-Source Pharma, he served as Chief Medical Officer for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. (Topeka, KS); Senior Partner for Gulf Coast Veterinary Oncology & Diagnostic Imaging (Houston, TX); and Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Tennessee (Knoxville, TN).

Dr. Hahn is an entrepreneur, scientist, veterinarian, and community supporter. He actively participates in causes that enrich the human-animal bond as well as the human-spiritual bond. He is recognized internationally in the discipline of veterinary medical oncology, companion animal nutrition, comparative biosciences, and is an active leader in the animal health industry.